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M.I. Speer

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Galactic Princess...

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Naia, a galactic princess of mixed birth travels to Earth in search of her late mother's twin sister. Her mission is to bring back a few strands of her hair containing her DNA to save her dying brother, the emperor of Midora; a planet on the brink of invasion. Due to her biological nature, her DNA is temporarily altered and she arrives as a mermaid. However, she arrives during a clash between a terrorist group that hijacked a cruise ship and US Special Forces. While watching the fiery exchange from below the sea she sees a man plunge in the water wounded and bleeding. As a shark approaches him from behind she instinctively swims out to rescue him. She strikes the shark with her steely tail and it spins away then takes the half-unconscious man by the collar and returns him to his boat but accidentally rips off his tag. As she swims away the man catches a glimpse of her fish tail as it snaps through the water leaving him baffled. While she descends beneath the sea a second body plunges in the water... a child!

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